Physics of Cell Motility, Sensing, and Mechanics




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Join us - we are recruiting one or more postdocs!

Brian Camley (with Felix)

Assistant Professor, JHU Physics & Astronomy and Biophysics
Postdoc at UCSD 2012-2017
PhD, UCSB Physics 2012

Emiliano Perez Ipiña [google scholar page]

Working on collective chemotaxis with limited positional information, inferring laws of motion from cell motility data, and other projects.
Emiliano is a postdoc in the group; he received his PhD from Buenos Aires University.

Ifunanya (Ify) Nwogbaga

Understanding how spontaneous cell turning and cell polarity reversal under a signal are related.
Ify is a graduate student in the Program in Molecular Biophysics. His undergraduate degree is in Chemical Engineering from Princeton.

Pedrom Zadeh

Working on statistical models and image analysis to infer the rules of branching morphogenesis from data from the Ewald group.
Pedrom is a graduate student from JHU Physics and Astronomy. His undergraduate degree is in Physics from University of Virginia.

Indy Badvaram

Working on models of curvature sensing in fluctuating membranes.
Indy is a graduate student from JHU Biophysics through the Jenkins program.

Kurmanbek Kaiyrbekov

Modeling collective cell motility on topographically patterned substrates with topological defects.
Kurmanbek is a graduate student from JHU Physics and Astronomy.

Wei Wang

Modeling rupture events in collective cell invasion.
Wei is a graduate student from JHU Physics and Astronomy.

Annie Kim

Studying limits of galvanotaxis.
Annie is an undergraduate student in Biophysics and Mathematics.

Aparajita Kashyap

Modeling concentration sensing in a dynamic environment.
Apara is an undergraduate student in Biophysics.

Chris Anchan

Studying the dynamics of organoid branching driven by heterogeneous signaling.
Chris is an undergraduate student in Biophysics.

Group Alumni

Melissa Mai [google scholar page]

Studied the transition between swimming and crawling in cell motility with minimal hydrodynamic models.
JHU Biophysics and Mathematics undergraduate. [Link to her paper in Soft Matter]
Congratulations to Melissa on her Hertz Fellowship and NSF GRFP!. Currently in Harvard's Biophysics PhD program

Austin Hopkins [google scholar page]

Models of collective chemotaxis with leaders and followers [paper] and chemotaxis with multiple receptor types [paper].
Graduated from JHU Physics & Astronomy Spring 2018 and spent a year as a research assistant in the group.
Currently a graduate student at UCSB Physics

Amit Singh, PhD [google scholar page]

Working on how polarity proteins can cooperate to sense a cell's shape.
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, UCLA, 2018.
Currently Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani

Travis Leadbetter

Constructing energy landscape models of cell polarity and curvature sensing.
Travis majored in Physics and Mathematics and is currently a graduate student at UPenn in Applied Math.

Daniel Swartz

Theory of active gels and heavy tails.
Daniel majored in Physics and Applied Math and is currently a graduate student at MIT in Physics. See our preprint: arxiv:2105.02348

Kyle Sullivan

Models of collective cell migration on topographic substrates.
Kyle majored in Physics and is currently a graduate student at UMass Amherst Physics.